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Hello to our KTB family and friends!

We have missed you all so much these last several weeks!  Needless to say, it has been a strange and unexpected break from the restaurant. Once the initial trauma of Steve's back injury subsided a little bit, the forced break has offered lots of opportunity for discussion and reflection on where we're at and what (and how) we've been doing for the last 19 years at The KTB.  To call it a labor of love is an understatement, and our love for and commitment to the restaurant and our KTB family has only grown over the last many months of pandemic-induced changes to our business.  Through it all, the foundation has been Steve and Lara as the far-more-than-full-time leaders on a day-to-day basis, with a very hands-on approach to all aspects.  This is what drives us, and what makes it feel like such a shared personal experience.  There have been a few things over the last several years that have really challenged this very hands-on model that we built for our restaurant, and our reflections have really centered around what we have created, and the various ways in which we have had to prioritize the business over our family and our personal lives.  Since we have opened, The KTB has taken all precedence in decision making, and we're beginning to realize that we need to prioritize differently for a sustainable future for ourselves and our families.  Essentially, what this means is that we can no longer operate The KTB as we have for the last 19 years.  Since we have built the business as an all-in proposition for ourselves, this means that we really have to be All-In, or we're out, and health and circumstances have indicated that All-In is not really an option for us anymore.  So, with this, we have decided to close the restaurant and put it on the market.

(We are working with a long time friend of the restaurant on the process, Brad Worthen of Pomerleau Real Estate, and if you or someone you know is at all interested in a beautiful, turn-key restaurant property then please reach out to him or to us directly for more information.)

We're torn in so many different ways as we write this and ponder a future without our staff, our guests and the restaurant as daily parts of our lives.  We've had hypothetical conversations through the years about "what next", and this current scenario was never part of those discussions.  But, life works in unexpected ways sometimes, and you have to act and react based on current events.  So, here we are...  But, with all of the challenges presented recently, the most prominent emotion right now is gratitude.  We truly appreciate, and can not thank enough, all of the amazing people who have joined us through the years as staff, guests, farmers, bakers, friends and family.  You all gave us the strength and energy to continue this amazing place for 19 years, and for that we will be forever grateful.  Thank you to all!

All our best,

Steve and Lara Atkins

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Photography Credit: Danielle Allendorf Photography